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If you are on a budget, want to try a new skill, do a quick project, or just enjoy some good ‘ole crochet fun then hopefully you can find something here.

Fun Things

  • Free Patterns – Short on cash? I share all my designs for free.
  • Interactive Events
    • Readers Choice – Readers vote on an upcoming project.
    • Crochet Break – Coffee break? Tea Break? No its Crochet Break, a chance to talk about anything crochet.
    • Giveaways – Keep an eye out for your chance to win cool crochet goodies.
  • Quick Tips – A quick crochet stitch guide.  Meant to give you a brief how-to on a stitch or technique.  All the stitches I use for my patterns can be found here.
  • Alaska Edition – A collection of Alaska inspired crochet patterns.


Hi I’m Kristyn, funkifybers.com creator.  I live in the last Frontier (A.K.A. Alaska) with my fabulous husband and two boys.  I love making practical, colorful, and fun crochet things.

I began this journey in 2015 after my 2nd son was born.  I decided to end my fast paced career, for over 16 year in the payroll/human resources field and devote more time to raising my family.  I am very thankful to have the opportunity.  At first I was a little lost without the deadlines and long hours, and I decided to turn to my favorite hobby, crochet, which saved my sanity.

I first started crocheting in my early teens, and never having enough time to crochet all the things I wanted.  I taught myself through old books and watching others, and continue to learn through the internet and media.  I personally want to thank all the DIY sharers out there, it makes having hobbies affordable and fun!  I love crochet for many reasons, I love the math, its affordable, its easy to set down and come back to, and its washable, (plus who doesn’t love the yarn!)  I might have gotten a little carried away but am very much enjoying my crochet funk with you.

For all crochet lovers out there I hope you can keep your creativity alive, and find something useful here at funkifybers.com.  My patterns are designed to be fun, free, and quick to complete, oh and maybe funky.

Thanks for poking around, don’t forget to check out my patterns page, or drop me a line on how I can make this your crochet fun place.


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