Where to Begin as a Crochet Beginner

Where to Begin as a Beginner

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A Crochet Break Post – The Crochet Beginner Resource List

by: funkifybers.com

Recently I asked how I could help you, I received so many great responses, some of which were requests for beginners.  If your just beginning, welcome to crochet, it’s a fabulous and useful hobby, hopefully some of these resources can help.

When I first was introduced to crochet I had a friend sit me down and show me the infamous granny cluster stitch.  From there I attempted to make a huge blanket and succeeded after months and months.  What I learned from this was two things, I love crochet its simple and relaxing, I hate making huge blankets!  I began looking through my grandmother passed down craft books, and drooling over how-to books at the local books stores. Then along came google, and holly smokes does your world really open up.  There are so many supportive and encouraging crochet bloggers out there willing to share their work and teach you the skill. If your just starting out, on a budget, or need some new inspiration, stick around.

1. Get Familiar with Lingo

When learning a new skill its important to familiarize yourself with the terminology used, crochet is no different.  In order to read a crochet pattern you should know the abbreviations for common stitches, once you are familiar with the general terms it’s a breeze to read any pattern.  Below is a helpful list of the basic crochet abbreviations, for a printer friendly version click here.

crochet stitch abbreviations guide

This list just covers the basics, you may need to research special stitches not listed here.

2. Learning Stitches

Now you know how to read the stitches the next step is learning how to do them.  Crochet stitches are really simple and easy to learn, and lucky the internet has provided a way to make learning these stitches even easier. Check out these links to get you started:


Some of the best ways to learn is by watching, and one best places on how to do pretty much any crochet stitch is the Mooglyblog.com.  Tamara has a vast video library of crochet stitches, if watching videos is your learning style then you must check out Mooglyblog.com.  She has how-to videos for right hand-ers, and lefties, stitches, patterns and more! Here are some great places to start:

Moogly’s Beginner’s courses have the basics covered:

beginner crochet Mooglyblog.com
by mooglyblog.com

Moogly’s Beginner’s Course for Right Handers

beginner crochet Mooglyblog.com
by mooglyblog.com

Moogly’s Beginner’s Course for Left Handers

You can access her entire video library at http://www.mooglyblog.com/category/video-tutorials/ she will have you covered even as you advance your skill level, and don’t forget to check out her home page for all kinds of goodies at Mooglyblog.com.

Quick Tips

I love video blogs, they have revolutionized the way we learn, after you have the basics covered you may find a photo tutorial helpful.  When you just need a quick reminder on how to work a stitch, check out my Quick Tips page here, you can find short photo tutorials on how to complete crochet stitches necessary to make my patterns.  If your looking for a stitch not covered in Quick Tips head back over to http://www.mooglyblog.com/category/photo-tutorial/, she has short tutorials covered too!

3. Reading Patterns

Be sure to read each patterns abbreviation list, you may be introduced to a new term or stitch that you need to learn.  Depending on the writer some terms may vary, be sure you understand their lingo.

Each crochet pattern has a basic layout, a stitch abbreviation list, materials, size, notes, and pattern instructions.

Gather your materials and brush up on your stitches, these items are covered in the abbreviation list, materials list, and notes.

Pattern instructions are written in rows or rounds, and are read chronologically.  The pattern will indicate if you turn your work or continue in a round.  Each row/round will have detail on where and what stitches to use, generally the pattern is written using the crochet stitch abbreviations, which can make it appear like a math equation.

Some patterns may require the piece to be finished by joining, or sewing.  Be sure to careful read the instructions, and have fun using other skills.

4. Free Patterns

You should have a good idea now how to tackle a crochet project.  To put your skills to work without breaking your budget check out these fabulous bloggers, they offer free patterns and tips geared towards the beginner:


Practice makes perfect, and having a little help when starting out is a great way to not get discouraged. Check out Sewrella.com, Ashleigh has her own line of crochet patterns, and some very easy beginner patterns.  Sewrella will help get that practice part down, by providing you with FREE video patterns, giving you that extra help along the way. If you’re looking to start out making something cute and easy start here:


beginner crochet sewrella.com
by Sewrella.com

Easy Beginner Baby Blanket by Sewrella

beginner crochet sewrella.com
by Sewrella.com

The BEST Crochet Infinity Scarf for Absolute Beginners by Sewrella

beginner crochet sewrella.com
by Sewrella.com

30 Minute Beginner Crochet Slouchy Hat by Sewrella

Stop by Sewrella’s Tutorials & Techniques page, you will find a lot of useful tips all in a beginner friendly format.

Don’t forget to take a peak at Sewrella’s patterns page, so many drool worthy patterns here for beginners and beyond.

Crochet Pattern Bonanza

Want more patterns, and lots of them? Check out CrochetPatternBonanza.com, Rhelena keeps up-to date with tons of crochet bloggers out there and provides you with a One-Stop shop for FREE patterns.  Here she posts crochet patterns all around the web, thousands and thousands, your sure to never run out of inspiration!  Here are a few links:

Crochet Pattern Bonanza’s Beginner patterns

Crochet Pattern Bonanza home page, your door to thousands of free patterns.

Rhelena from Crochet Pattern Bonanza also designs her own patterns, check it out here at Crochetncrafts.com


Your public library is always a great place to start when you are wanting to learn something new.  Books are free to check out and most libraries even offer an online selection.

5. Get a Subscription

If you can spare a few bucks getting a magazine or yarn kit subscription is a great way to keep you inspired and save you time pouring over what to make next.

I personally subscribe to Simply Crochet and Crochet World.  Both are exciting to wait for each month, I receive one in print and one as an e-subscription, which saved me a few bucks.

A crochet kit subscription is a great way to try new patterns and techniques that yo may not have on your own.  Check out happyyarnmail.com, Ashleigh from Sewrella.com has put together this fun monthly crochet kit subscription, this subscription covers it all, it includes the materials, pattern with video, and free goodies.  If it’s coming from Sewrella then its sure to be fun and easy.

Want to learn more?

This post covers how to get started, I would like to know how I can help you from here, if you have a moment I would appreciate your time in taking my quick survey below:
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