Side Stitches

Side Stitches

Another fun stop, Side Stitches is a hodgepodge of crochet related topics that aren’t a pattern, or event.  Here you can find crochet round-ups, tips and tricks, resources, or whatever crochet thing we can dream up.

Great Grannies - a free crochet pattern round up

Great Grannies – Crochet Pattern Round-Up

Crochet Pattern Round-Up Great Grannies I just love granny stitches, in my opinion they are the bread and butter of ...
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Where to Begin as a Crochet Beginner

Where to Begin as a Beginner A Crochet Break Post - The Crochet Beginner Resource List by: Recently I asked ...
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7 Unique Ways To Get Color Inspired

7 Unique Ways To Get Color Inspired Have you ever been in a rut about color choices for a crochet ...
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How to Avoid Crochet Strain

Avoid Crochet Strain - Tips and Tricks My Quick Tips on How to Avoid Crochet Strain Over the years crocheting ...
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