Great Grannies – Crochet Pattern Round-Up

Crochet Pattern Round-Up

Great Grannies - a free crochet pattern round up

Great Grannies

I just love granny stitches, in my opinion they are the bread and butter of crochet, and perhaps the first stitch you learn.  Create a blanket, or clothing, make an appliqué or spice up your home, the possibilities really are endless.  Granny stitches have overcome the basic square and can be transformed into almost any shape, (circle, square, chevron, stripes, diamonds, etc.) making the grannies a modern stitch to love.  I love them so much I wanted to share with you some of my favorite granny projects.  These amazing crafters are sharing their very creative grannies for FREE, please be sure to show them some love if you get a chance.  Without further ado I bring you 10 free Great Granny patterns.

  1.  Super Chunky Granny Hat – by: Whistle and Ivy

    Great Granny round up - free granny crochet patterns
    by: Whistle and Ivy

    If you’re looking to make up something fast and practical, check out Whistle and Ivy’s Granny hat.  This hat works up in 30 min. or less, its easy to add one (or three) to your winter wardrobe.

  2. Granny Square Purse – by: Petals to Picots

    free granny pattern round up
    by: Petals to Picots

    This super cute mini bag is perfect for any little girl in your life, just add their favorite colors.

  3. The Granny Bunny – by: Homemade @ My Place

    free crochet pattern round up - great grannies
    by: Homemade @ My Place

    Ok I just gotta say HOW CUTE, this colorful unique spin to the granny is sure to put a smile on your face.  Don’t forget to check out her other unique grannies.

  4. Woodland Afghan Series – by: Maria’s Blue Crayon 

    free crochet pattern round up great grannies
    by: Maria’s Blue Crayon

    Ready to take the granny square to the next level?  Check out these super cute designs, adding a modern and fun touch to the granny, make the blanket or make your favorite square into a purse or scarf.

  5. Granny Square Bookmark – by: Little Monkey Design 

    free crochet pattern round up great grannies up
    by: Little Monkeys Design

    What a clever twist to the granny, and an easy gift for any book lover.  Warning: you may need to set it away from your line of vision prior to reading, as its hard not to look at its awesomeness.

  6. G Squared Shorts – by: Farrah Hodgson at

    free crochet pattern round up great grannies
    by: Farrah Hodgson @

    Yes you can make shorts too with grannies.  This is a great tutorial with instructions for multiple sizes, summers not over yet!

  7. Mini Granny Case – by: The Green Dragonfly

    free crochet pattern round up - great grannies
    by: The Green Dragonfly

    Just in time for back to school, this mini case is dying to be wrapped around your iPad mini.  Don’t have a mini? Bet it makes a great pouch too.

  8. Festive Christmas Ornament Cover – by: Oombawka Design Crochet

    free crochet pattern round up - great grannies
    by: Oombawka Design Crochet

    It’s never too early to think about Christmas, and there’s nothing better than a handmade treasure, simple and sweet.

  9. Granny Square Afghan, Hat, Scarf and Poncho – by: Crochet N’ Crafts

    free crochet pattern round up - great grannies
    by: Crochet N’ Crafts

    If you’re looking for a does-it-all pattern then this is it, a great tutorial on making many things with great grannies.

  10. The Bake Shop Blanket Series – by: Sewrella

    free crochet pattern round up - great grannies
    by: Sewrella

    I really can’t think of anything sweeter than this granny series, it makes me feel hungry and girlie, and I just love the colors!!!

  11. Granny’s Pouf – by: FunkiFybers

    great grannies - free crochet pattern round up
    by: FunkiFybers

    Ok I know I said 10, but I had to add my new favorite project.

That rounds it up, I realize there’s no way this post covers all the Great Grannies out there, I see a part 2 in my future if you’re all interested, let me know. 🙂

And thank you Crochet guru’s, for sharing your awesomeness, and bringing crafters much inspiration!  This post would not be possible with out their willingness to share and support!

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  1. Such a good selection of grannies!!!! Thank you for including my work, too, but remember: I’m “homemade@myplace” and not “handmade@myplace”!!!!
    Love, xxxx Ale

    1. Ale,

      I’m so embarrassed, so sorry I have corrected it. THANK YOU for pointing that out!!!

      🙂 Kristyn

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