African flower Hanging Basket

African Flower hanging basket

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African Flower hanging basket

This is a Festive African Flower motif hanging basket.  I just love African Flowers and I also love the door hanging basket idea, it saves thousands of trips for Nerf bullets into my sons room.  Hey I know its funky but this is 🙂

Supplies Needed:

Caron Simply Soft Medium Weight:

  • Harvest Red
  • Off White
  • Chartreuse

4mm Crochet Hook

Stitch Marker


SC – Single Crochet

CH – Chain

SS – Slip Stitch

DC – Double Crochet

FO – Fasten Off

Yarn Over

Notes: There are many wonderful tutorials out there I by no means coined the african flower.  For simplicity I will write out the pattern here in the manner I work them so your not clicking all over google, but feel free to use your own African Flower motif version.  This Pattern uses US terminology.

  • Long SC is worked as follows: Insert hook under CH1 space of round 2, YO, pull up a loop, YO pull through two loops.

Motif (make 6)

To Begin: CH 6, SS to first CH

In Harvest Red

Round 1 – CH 1, *DC 2, CH1 in center of ring* 6 times SS to Begining DC, FO Weave in ends. (12DC and 6CH 1 Spaces)

Round 2 – Attach off white in any chain 1 space. CH1, DC in same space, CH2, 2DC in same CH1 space, CH1, *2DC, CH2, 2DC, CH1 in next CH1 space* 5 times, DC in beginning CH1 space, SS to join to first DC. (24DC, 6 CH2 Space)

Round 3 – CH1, *7DC, CH1 in CH2 space* 6 times, SS to first DC, FO Weave in Ends. (42DC)

Round 4 – Attach harvest red in any beginning DC7 Cluster, CH1, SC in same stitch, SC in next 6 stitches, *Long SC{see notes} in CH1 spaces, SC in the next 7DC* 5 times, Long SC in last CH1 spaces, SS to first stitch.

Joining Motifs

I used the “Join as you go” method.  To do this you will basically complete a Round 5 Outlined below on one African Flower.  For the remaining flowers you will use the same method slightly tweaked for the points that need joined to corresponding flower, this is outlined in Round 5A.

Round 5 – Attach Chartreuse in any SC after the Long SC of previous round, CH1, DC in same stitch, DC in next 3 Stitiches, *CH1, SC in the next 4 stitches, CH1, skip Long SC, SC in next 4 stitches*5 times CH1, SS to first stitch to join, FO weave ends.

Round 5A – Follow Round 5 instructions, only instead of a CH1 replace with a SS to African Flower you are joining, to do this insert hook from front to back in CH1 space of the position on the flower you want to join.  After all points are joined continue on using your CH1 spaces.


Finish Up

OK This Part is really Hard to explain I’ve provided a Photo Key to help below .  It Helps to place a stitch Marker in the stitch Shown in Photo, this helps you keep them all straight and I refer to it later.  You will need to slip stitch the indicated motifs together, to do this insert your hook in indicated stitch on BOTH flowers, and SS them together.  Below is the layout you have, I have added some colored lines, match the colors up and SS in these indicated stitches.


Next you’ll need to attach that Lonley left over African Flower.  You will refer back to round 5A here if needed and use the join as you go method to attach4 sides, he is placed directly above the flower with the stitch marker.  You should have something that looks like this.


Lastly, join any color of yarn to the top of the basket near the back corner.  SC in 4 stitches, CH1, turn SC in 4 Stitches, CH32, SS to last SC worked, FO Weave ends.

Pattern brought to you by, Ok to share pattern not ok to sell pattern