New Years EVEning Clutch – Free Pattern

New Years Evening Clutch – Free Pattern
New Years Evening Clutch – free pattern

New Years EVEning Clutch – Free Crochet Pattern

Whip up this shiny clutch for your New Years Eve destinations.  This fun clutch fits all your essentials, and has an easy to carry handle.  Simple crochet stitches, and easy yarn embroidery makes this a breeze, best of all you get to have some fun with metallic yarns.  Theres plenty of time to make up this little clutch for this New Years.

  • Caron Simply Soft size 4
    • Dark Country Blue (less than one skein)
  • Paton’s metallic yarns size 4 (small amount)
    • Gold
    • Metallic Wine
    • Pewter
  • 3.5 mm hook
  • Stitch Marker
  • Embroidery needle
  • 9 inch or larger zipper
  • 16 1/2 inch Gold Chain Handle
  • Tracing paper or Tissue paper
Finished Size:

Completed bag size is 8 3/4 inches by 5 1/4 inches.


CH ~ Chain

SC ~ Single Crochet

SS ~ Slip Stitch

SC3Tog ~ SC 3 Together


This clutch purse is worked in a continuous spiral, use a stitch marker in your beginning stitch to keep an accurate row count.

If needed the SC3Tog is as follows: *insert hook in indicated stitch, pull up a loop,* 3 times, you should have 4 loops on hook, yarn over and draw through all four loops.

To Begin:

In Dark Country Blue CH 44.

Round 1 – 3SC in second CH from hook, SC in the next 41 CH stitches, 3SC in last CH, wiring from the other side, SC in next 41 stitches. (88 SC)

Round 2 – SC in first SC of round 1, place a stitch marker in this stitch, SC in the next 87 stitches. (88 SC)

Rounds 3 through 27 – Repeat Round 2.

Round 28 – Repeat round 2, SS to beginning stitch of round 27, fasten off and weave in ends.

Round one complete
Round 28 complete
Add Embroidery:

Click here for the fireworks template, and trace the design onto your tracing paper.  I find tracing paper or tissue paper works best, it’s easier to tear away than regular paper.

Pin the paper in the center front part of your clutch.

Fireworks traced and pinned to from of clutch

Embroider the design to the clutch.  To embroider the design, thread your embroidery needle with desired color.  Poke the needle through the fabric from the back side, complete the stitch by poking the needle through front of the fabric in the desired spot. From here on out, it’s a matter of placing stitches where you want them so that they form an outline of the design. In short embroider the marked lines, each line is one stitch.

Tear away all the tissue/trace paper carefully.  Use tweezers to gently putt out tissue/trace paper between stitches.

clutch after embroidery is complete and tissue paper teared away
Sew on the Zipper:

Create a channel for the zipper, this gives the clutch a clean look once the zipper is installed.

To create the channel find both the sides of your bag. Place a stitch marker at each side.  You should have 43 stitches in between each marker.

stitch markers indicate center

Join Dark Country Blue to the 2nd stitch after one of your markers, CH1, SC in the next 41 stitches.  You should have one stitch before your next marker left.  SC3Tog, SC in the next 41 stitches, SC3Tog, fasten off and weave in ends.

Join yarn in the 2nd stitch from marker
This is where your hook ends prior to 3SCTog

Unzip your zipper and turn clutch inside out.  Pin the zipper in place, I like to line up the zipper so that the teeth are just above my fabric, this helps me keep things straight.

zipper pinned in plaCE

Use a whip stitch to sew the zipper in place.  Trim any excess if necessary, I happened to use a 12 inch zipper because that’s what I had so I had to cut off a few inches, if you are using a 9 inch zipper you should have less to trim.



Pinned and whip st
Attach Clutch Handle:

This may seem tricky but all we need to do is add a little loop for the chained handle to clip in.  Find your 3SCTog stitch on either side of your clutch, join Dark Country Blue to the stitch before the 3SCTog, CH1, SC in next stitch, SS in next stitch, CH1, turn, skip the SS, SC in SC, *CH1, turn, SC in SC* 5 times, fasten off and leave a long tail for sewing.  Fold over that tab and sew into place creating a loop for your chain.  Do this on both sides.  Add your gold chain for some extra bling and your done!

loop sewn in place and chain hooked
New Years EVEning Clutch

New Years EVEning Clutch pattern brought to you by:  OK to share and profit from finished items, please do not sale pattern.