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Announcing: The Readers Choice Event!

Vote for February’s Reader’s Choice pattern!

FunkiFybers has exciting patterns lined-up for February, one of these patterns will be chosen by you!  Cast your vote today.

Here are February’s details:

Voting deadline for February’s project is January 15th, 2017.  Results will be announced in the February’s Monthly Newsletter, and pattern will be featured in the month of February.  If you would like to receive FunkiFybers’ Monthly Newsletter you can subscribe via sidebar (just below my photo).

February’s Choices Are:
  1. Planned Pooling Project – a project that uses the planned pooling technique
  2. Motif Themed Project – a project that contains motifs (i.e. granny squares, african flowers, etc.)
  3. Cozy Themed Project – a crochet cover for a specific object
Vote for February’s Reader’s Choice:


Have an idea for a Reader’s Choice Event?

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Official Monthly Event Details:

Each month, Reader’s will be asked to vote for an upcoming project.  Project will be announced in the following month’s newsletter and featured pattern will be posted in the indicated month.  Deadlines are announced on the Reader’s Choice page for the current months vote and in announcing post.  Reader’s can vote in the announcing post or here at the Reader’s Choice page.  If 0 votes are received the Reader’s Choice Pattern for that month WILL NOT be published.  If for some reason FunkiFybers is unable to host a Readers Choice event for a specific month an announcement will be made in advance.