Vote Now for Autumn’s Funki Ideas

Voting is open for Autumn’s Funki Ideas Event

You can now vote on my Autumn Funki Ideas.  Here’s what I’ve been thinking, let me know how these patterns sound to you.

Autumn’s Funki Ideas are:
  1. Photo Frames – Crocheted frames to hold your picture prints.
  2. Car Window Sun Shade – I know its funky, but hey why not.  This will be a shade for the car to keep those little eyes protected from the sun.
  3. Nerf Bullet Holder – Do you have a kiddo that loves nerf guns?  Mine do, and they are always needing places for those bullets.

Let me know what crochet funk interests you! Anyone can vote, its anonymous and there’s no obligation, just fun!  The voting deadline for Autumn’s Funki Ideas Event project is December 20, 2017, the winning pattern will be posted in the 2017-2018 winter season.

Cast your vote now below:
What funky idea would you like to see next?
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